Position: Holy Ghost Host

My name is Trista. I am a Spirit, I have a soul and I live in a physical body that holds all that together. I have been incredibly blessed to have been born and raised in the State of New York. However, I am actually a citizen of Heaven, but I have been sent here on earth to teach and show people who The Father really is by example just like Jesus did 2000 years ago. I found all this out in the Bible!!

I learned that I am not actually anyone who I thought I was or was told I was, I am actually way better, ALL because of Jesus!! Not only did He create me, but He thought I was so valuable that He gave His life for me, giving me the decision to choose Him knowing that I ultimately may not!!  He actually decided to come to the earth by choice, being born through a woman, just like me!! I came to realization that religion and church is NOT who JESUS is or looks like. I found out that when I asked Him to come make His home in me, He actually came and moved inside me! The creator of the Universe resides inside of me!! Soon after, I found out that those Words are ALIVE, that its literally Gods breath!! Every single Word written is Gods BREATH!! Then, I learned that Jesus didn’t just give up His life so I can just go to heaven!! He actually came so I can have life, and life more abundantly (while here on this earth!). He gave up His life so His Spirit can reside in me, which turns out to be the Kingdom of Heaven!!

The Kingdom of Heaven is inside of me! I have the life of Christ inside of me, HIS anointing, HIS faith, HIS love, and dead raising power inside of me that I can share with the whole world!! Because of Jesus I am healed, whole, forgiven, righteous, holy, blameless, and I am a new creation!!! It’s all in the bible!! It is The Truth!! That’s what it says!! So, I am determined to not only walk in everything Jesus gave His life up for and but teach everyone I can that they can do the same thing!! In-fact, we can do the same things Jesus did while here on earth and even greater!!