11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death.



We want to and are working on building testimonials to help build your faith by seeing that Jesus is still performing the same miracles as HE did when HE walked the earth. Please check back as we continue to develop this page. Blessings, we are here to serve YOU.


The Healing rooms has changed my relationship with the Lord , healing has taken place not only physical healing but healing within my soul of the hurts and pain all I could say is this place is really about following the direction of the Holy Spirit , because of the obedience of Pastor Dave the keys of victory have been attainable God is always good , I could go on and on about how Awsome this place is , another thing I love is that it is permitted for the Lord to show us that religion isn’t the way but obedience. God works and moves in directions the traditional church has choked out not knowing how to follow the Lord Jesus Christ, but all it takes is true surrender and being sensitive to the Holy Spirit , I highly recommend this place it’s a place where all things are possible!
Kattie Tamayo
Arizona Healing Rooms Before relocating to Arizona, a friend recommended we contact AZ Healing Rooms. It was months after getting settled into the area, that I saw a sign in a small plaza that said: Arizona Healing Rooms. What was weird is that it wasn’t even in the area of the current church location-we went back to find the sign and it wasn’t there… I believe it was the Holy Spirit bringing this to my remembrance to go there. We called and had a chance to meet David. It wasn’t easy to find, but I did notice there isn’t a street sign at the Church location (just a decal on the door) in the parking lot area entrance… Thank you Jesus for your Holy Spirit! We have been a part of the Arizona Healing Rooms since early 2022, we moved an hour away and still attend today. Let me tell you what Arizona Healing Rooms is about and what it means to us: BOLD TEACHING THAT IS BIBLICAL CENTERED Kingdom mindedness & Holy Spirit guided We are taught how to walk in our God given authority given to us by Jesus Christ What it means & HOW to live a kingdom life and influence our world Knowing our true identity in Christ is pivotal to tearing down strongholds in our minds and we tear them DOWN!! Exemplifies the beautiful unity of the body of Christ Everyone is present for each other-encouraged to stir each other up and stir ourselves up-we are closely knit together Real Holy Spirit Filled believers This church is the REAL DEAL! If you want to transform your current situation-I say come-The WORD is taught here with love, boldness and power. RH
While visiting Arizona in 2017, I was looking for a prayer room. I wanted others to join me in praying for my family’s situation. (Matthew 18:20 where two or more are gathered) I found AZ Healing Rooms via a google search and attended morning prayer the very next day. I felt warmly welcome that day and I was grateful to find prayer partners who prayed with me. I moved to Arizona in 2022 and began attending fellowship at AZ Healing Rooms because it is a Spirit-filled fellowship like I have not ever experienced before. I believe I was led here by the Holy Spirit to help me heal and grow in faith in Christ.